Monday, September 04, 2006

Hahoe Folk Village (DH)

Hahoe Folk Village
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We stopped to eat some kimchi at a small roadside cafe and this lady came in and started talking to her husband.


brazim said...

wow...awe inspiring stuff...great ..I am familiar with most of the countries...these are great are really gifted...just got back on Monday from summer break ...went to Sri lanka which was also great. Anyway, congrats! liked what I saw a lot ...look forward to more...
nigel in Fukuoka, Japan.

Ben Lesley said...

I really enjoyed looking at the photos on this website. I have been on three missions trips two of which were outside of the country, Dominican Republic and Panama. I have seen other countries and lived in other cultures. I always enjoy looking at photos such as these, because it brings me back to the countries I experienced. This picture stood out to me the most because it reminded me of a tribe I visited in southern Panama. The tribe was about four hours away from any civilization and the people there were not familiar with many of the basic things that we take for granted. Therefore, they have to work hard in order to survive. The expression on her face and the wrinkles in her skin show a strong lady who has most likely worked most of her life. She carries the same expression as the tribal women in panama who weaved baskets and rugs. It seems like she is looking for someone. The reflection in her eye shows that she is longing for a close friend, or perhaps just someone to talk too.